About Us

It was mid sept 1980, that a motivated team headed by I.S. Khambati founded EQUIPTRONICS. Mr. Khambati, earlier worked as a staff member in University of Mumbai (Dept. of Physics) and Western Regional Instrumentation Centre. Initially it all started with small instruments like Power Supplies, pH meters, etc. Later on many instruments were added to the list including Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, etc. Having academic background, we always try to improve students standard at laboratory technics. There is always innovation in our design based on feedback from vast network of our well-wishers and supporters. All these is achieved by hard work of all our dedicated staff. Our staff members are honest, hardworking and enforce strict code of conduct.

EQUIPTRONICS is the most popular brand because:

  • Our instruments are user friendly
  • Results are accurate
  • Instruments have long life
  • On receipt of complain we have prompt after sales service
  • We incorporate modifications as per users suggestions
  • You will always find some thing new in our instruments
  • We try to reach most of our users atleast once a year, by letter
  • Highly technically qualified staff
  • Low cost as compared to other brands
  • Service and difficultly now a phone call or mail away
  • Many models to choose from. Please phone us and we shall help you to choose a model based on your requirements
  • Local dealers and distributors appointed
  • We have special cell to look after outstation repairs and carry out instant repairs if landed personally

30 years of our teams hardwork was finally rewarded. Our technical expertise was finally recognized when EQUIPTRONICS was selected to be featured on National TV. Millions got a chance to view the real team behind the famous brand.

Our instruments are 100% processed inhouse from design-to production.
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