Navy Products


List of items supplied or developed for Navy Electrical Equipments:

  • Control Panel or Switch Boards.
  • Different types of Rectifier, equivalent to Russian, U.K., Korean class.
  • Different types of Capacitors, Transformers, Sp. Purpose PCB's.
  • Various types of AEL viz. Floodlight Base, LED Type, Bulb Type, Submarine Type.
  • Tube type fitting for UPD class, Bedi class, Survey class, Submarine and other Ships.
  • Fittings: bulk head, Mirror light, Table lamp, etc.
  • Shades (Acrylic): For CFL, Tube Light Fitting Etc.
  • Flood Light and high power light etc.





Bunk Light


Emergency Jeep Light


Flood Light


Mirror Light













Single Tube


Table Lamp


Tube LIght Fitting












List of items supplied or developed for Navy Engineering Instruments :

  • Pocket Model pH Meter, Salinity Meter.
  • Salinity Indicator & Controller.
  • CONtempH pH-Meter for battery for battery pit in submarine.
  • Level Indicator.
  • RPM Indicator.
  • KPD Relay.
  • Pressure Relay.
  • Temperature Logger for Bedi class, other Ships.


Fitting for Sensor



Online Sensor Essembly


Online Sensor








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